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Why Zerdoun Law

Zerdoun Law specialized in Immigration law, Civil law and Board rental law handles the cases with success.

Why Choose Us

No Success without trust

The Zerdoun Law group’s lawyers are dedicated to their files and work with passion, thoroughness and professionalism.

The key to their success is the relationship of trust they beat with their client

Immigration Law

Our firm is an expert in immigration law. Me Cindy Zerdoun will accompany you and help you in all the processes of your immigration process until you obtain your visas. Me. Zerdoun obtained the visas of all her clients even those who had been refused before. Her extended knowledge of immigration law and her sense of negotiation allow Me Cindy Zerdoun to succeed in all her cases.

Clients have been choosing Zerdoun Law for immigration because of our audacity for efficiency and success. If you have doubts on your immigration case, you can rely on our lawyers to be with you every step of the way. We are with you until the victorious end.


Civil Law

The group’s lawyers are also specialized in the complex practice area of Civil Law. The Zerdoun Law Group puts all its expertise to work to achieve the success of your civil law files.

Civil law includes both hidden vices, contracts, neighborhood disputed, liability… Civil Law is the law of everyday life. Civil law often leads to litigation before the Courts. Our experienced lawyers will assist you in all steps of this process.

It is best to be assisted and represented by an experienced lawyer from our group. Our lawyers treat with passion the civil law cases. If a negotiation is possible, they will negotiate in the best of your interests so that you emerge a winner of this conflict. In court, their strong pleading experience will be the finishing touch to win the case.

Real Estate Law

Rental Board law is an apparently simple law because the parties can represent themselves, but having a legal advisor at your side will help you avoid mistakes and defend your case by providing the legal arguments that are essential to its success.

The stress of a hearing, the preparation of the file, the presentation of the various documents to the judge, the argument are complicated elements to manage for a person outside the field of law. It is best to be asssisted by our lawyer. Our lawyer will represent you to defend your interests.

Others areas

No matter your case, you can always trust on our lawyers to take up your case and offer you the best possible negotiation and ultimate success of your case before the Court.

If you have any question or doubts in other law areas, do not hesitate to contact our lawyer.

Don’t hesistate to contact us to start with a personalized consultation.

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